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    camera raw not reading previously saved XMP files

    adenas24839402 Level 1

      I've been having this problem on and off since updating my computer a few months ago (mac book pro to mac book pro).


      I open RAW files made with Nikon D700 or Nikon D750 (Photoshop CS6, Camera Raw 9.1), then I do what a do (cropping, exposure changes, sharpen ... etc.), then I click the Save button and save my processed files as jpgs. Camera Raw saves XMP files along with the RAW files. After this I want to do some more editing, I open the RAW files, but Camera RAW does not "remember" what it did just minutes before. It opens the images with "camera raw defaults" in camera raw and not "images settings" of the saved changes as if nothing had been working on. If I click on image settings, none of the changes show up.

      I've seen other posts that people have had similar problems but I can't find anyone who had it answered for them or fixed.

      Is it a setting that may have been changed or tweaked unknowingly when the software was installed on the new computer? Is it a bug? I've searched so much online for answers and can't find a resolution.

      I appreciate the help!