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    Standard License - Website and PowerPoint Use


      Can I use these standard license images on a website? I want to embed them as thumbnail images on a homepage. I'd also like to use the same images in a powerpoint.

      Here's why I'm confused by the Adobe Stock Additional Terms:

      Adobe Stock Help | Common Questions

      "Adobe Stock photos, illustrations, and vector files can be used in any creative project, including print ads, brochures, presentations, posters, book covers, commercials, websites, and annual reports. For the complete image licensing terms, see "Stock Photos" under
      Section 1.5: Additional Terms at http://www.adobe.com/legal/terms.html."

      But then this part of the actual terms and conditions statement completely contradicts the statement above:


      3.4 Additional Restrictions. Unless you have an extended license, then the following additional restrictions apply:


      ...(b) You also may not use, include, or incorporate the Work in any electronic template or applications (such as a web design or presentation template, or templates for electronics greeting cards or business cards).