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    Is there a way, when importing chapters of a book from a Word document to relink all the pictures that also import?


      Let me start off by saying, I use InDesign a lot, but I've never really used it for such a large book/document - at least not properly. I am laying out my uncle's book, and he put each chapter in a Word document with pictures throughout and various captions on all the pictures.


      Is there a way, when placing chapters of a book from a Word document to relink all the pictures that also import? I'm doing it this way so that I don't have to go in and manually insert hundreds of pictures where they belong throughout the text - which would require me to go to the Word doc, locate the pic, put it in the right place, etc. I want the pictures to match up with the pictures in the folder, as I'm assuming when I place the file in there from Word, I'm not getting the same resolution I would if I were to place the pictures individually from the folder. If this isn't the case and the pics import with the proper resolution, I'm all set!!! But, if the placed pics are low resolution, I do need to relink them all. When I import from Word, they are just randomly assigned link numbers and they do not correspond to the names in the folder, so if they are lower res, is there a way to change them all at once? I can go through and relink them all individually, but I'm wondering if there's a way to match them up.

      Also, I want to apply a style to all of them, which I created in Object Styles. Is there a way to apply it to every pic in a document?

      And, probably pushing my luck here, but is there a way to make the imported caption (which is just text in Word) added as a caption? I can apply a paragraph style to each individually too, if that's the best way.

      Thanks so much, and apologies if these are dumb questions. I did the first book manually with just a few paragraph styles, so I can totally do that again if the way this was all sent to me isn't conducive to shortcuts in InDesign. Thanks for any help!