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    Is there a way to view photos without cell margins?


      I currently use Photoshop Elements 13.  However, Adobe is eliminating Mobile Albums from future versions of Elements, asking consumers to switch to Lightroom if they want such a feature.  I will probably be switching to Lightroom.  However, I'm trying to figure out how I can retain some of Elements' features in Lightroom.


      One feature is that within the Elements Organizer there is a nice way to view photos in which they are all right up next to one another.  They are not in a grid of cells.  I like this for perusing many photos quickly.  Is it possible to replicate this in Lightroom?  The best I can do is that I have figured out how to turn off various elements within each cell of the grid (e.g. file name, flag, etc.).  However, I have not figured out anyway to see the pictures without any cell grid at all.  Is this possible?