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    How can I scroll smoothly with more clear photos?

    Danny_DeLoach Level 1

      When I scroll through photos, the photos that first appear on the screen are fuzzy (or blocky) at first.  Then, they become clear.  Also, I can't scroll quickly.  The scrolling process seems to be slowed down by giving the computer time to convert each new row of photos from the fuzzy initial version to the clear version.  I have a relatively new computer with higher-end specifications.  So, I suspect this must be caused by something within Lightroom, not by my computer's processing power.  Also, I have previously been using Photoshop Elements, and it could scroll quickly through photos without this problem.  Finally, I thought this problem would go away after I had initially scrolled through a set of photos.  I thought maybe Lightroom needed an initial opportunity to create a preview (or something like that).  However, this problem persists even after I've viewed a set of photos many times.  Thanks for any help on this issue.