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    Component Question

    wally_errrr Level 1
      Hi there,

      I have made a component which is based off the Button componenet class found in mx.controls....I just modified this class to give me the functionality that I required for my simple Button, so my new class still extends SimpleButton, but with a few custom parameters in there that are specific to my button.

      The problem is this, if I drag an instance of my component onto the stage, it works no problem, I can adjust the parameters as required and the button works....if I trace the _x value of the button on the stage then it returns a value.

      I have also implemented a cell rendering class that uses this button component in some of its cells...depending upon the data being displayed in the cells it may require a button to be shown which I also have working.....before I made my component I used the Button component in my cells, but when I made my new component I went to try and add that to the cells the same way as before....changing the following line

      createClassObject (Button, "scoreButton", startDepth);


      createClassObject (GridButton, "scoreButton", startDepth, {lightColor:0x9f7635});

      And again this worked no problem my buttons render in the cells however where I am handling the position of the buttons depending upon the width of the DataGrid, they do not move and upon tracing their _x property, I got undefined....

      Why would that be, It would inherit these properties from SimpleButton, am I correct?

      Any help would be appreciated, I am 95% there..... =D