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    Curve Effect

      I need to create an animation of a curve being drawn in a Flash 8 project. Basically the effect created from a ‘wipe’ transition for a straight line. I can kind of do it by copying the path, creating an object that follows the path, manually drawing new shapes behind the object, and using the final product (as a movie) as a mask layer for the original curve.

      This is time-consuming and completely impractical for what I want to do.

      What I have been trying to do is have the object follow the path and duplicate itself each frame using actionscript, thus eliminating any frame by frame manual touch ups that need to be done.

      I can easily create a animation as a graphic symbol to do this. The problem is that the duplicateMovieClip function does not work within a movie clip symbol, the required format for a mask.

      Any suggestions, solutions or alternate ways of doing this?