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    Lightroom wont import my pictures


      I have been using LR for a long time through many versions and about a month ago I all of the sudden couldn't import my pictures anymore. I have absolutely No idea what the trouble is with the program. It wont give me any previews nor will it even show the files once I click on the folder that I want to import from. I have never encountered this problem. Its very disconcerting because I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of and nothing has helped. Uninstall  Reinstall Reboot ect ect ect. I have so much work that I need to do through LR and I cant get anything to work. Please help!!  Thank you.



      I have checked to make sure that my cameras are RAW compatible. I have Cannons and that I have the SP1 pack.


      As mentioned before I have been working with LR for a very long time and never had this problem, It was somewhat of an overnight thing.

      I thought that it might have something to do with a Windows update so I even went back and did several system restores and uninstalled updates. Nothing worked.

      Im at a loss