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    can anyone help me with importing photos that are on my computer?

    Renee haf

      I am new to Lightroom.  I'm looking to organize all of my photos in one place on my computer.  Right now they are in several different areas on my computer (C drive which I assume is my hard drive) I previously used Memory Manager (creative Memories) which I lover but they are now bankrupt so I need to get all those photos I've had stored there into Lightroom.   I've exported all those photos onto a file on my computer. How do I handle the import of all of these photos into Lightroom?  I'm confused by the copy as DNG, copy, move, and add options?  Can someone explain?  As I said I do wish to have all the photos in one place, Lightroom, and not in several different places. Also, I want to make sure the photos are secure when they are in Lightroom so I assume I do a back up onto an external hard drive as well? Thanks for any explanations/advice.  


      ANy advice on file handling other than not importing duplicates?  Thank you!