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    Is photo organization seamless from bridge to lightroom?


      I have recently digitized over 200 photos from WWII and I have organized them in bridge, by front and back (recto and verso) as some had writing on the back. Is there a way to organize them the same way in light room because they don't seem to be and I need to export them in order....is there a faster way than doing it all individually?


      Thank you.

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          richardplondon Level 4

          One idea might be to batch rename these images using Bridge, as arranged there, in a manner that applies sequential numbering to precede the current filenames ( I assume this is possible - as a LR + PS user, I have not even had Bridge installed for the last few years, so cannot check this easily).


          This sequential numbering can then be used to show the images in the desired order, once imported into Lightroom.

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            DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

            Lightroom does not use Adobe Bridge. Lightroom Library Module is an alternative to Bridge and Lightroom Develop Module is an alternative to ACR Plugin in Photoshop. Make your choice.

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              deepakg1988 Adobe Employee

              Hi AmericanLegacyMuseum,


              What we could try here is that we can rename the images using the batch rename process in the adobe bridge and save the images with the sequence named files in separate folder. and then we can import them into the Lightroom . And hopefully it will retain the order while importing


              Here how you do it.

              1. Open Adobe Bridge

              2. Navigate to the folder that contains the images that you wish to batch rename


              3. You can select all of the images (Edit > Select All) or you can be more selective by Ctrl + Clicking (CMD + Click -Mac) on specific images.

              4. After you select the images that you want to include in the batch rename select Tools > Batch Rename. You can also right click (CMD + Click) on any of the selected files and choose Batch Rename.


              5. The Batch Rename dialogue box will open.

              6. Select your Destination Folder. I almost always use the Rename in same folder option.

              7. Create a filename. I like to use a text field followed by either a date or sequenced number (or both). You can add or subtract filename choices by clicking the plus or minus buttons. Look at the bottom of the dialogue for an example of how the new filename will look.

              8. The following example will create a file name that looks something like this: July_4th_2006_001.jpg


              9. Don’t worry about the Options section of the dialogue. I have never had to use any of these options.

              10. Click the Rename button.

              11. Done! That was easy. Now…get to renaming.



              Then open the Lightroom click on the import window and select the folder in which the renamed files are saved.