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    Making a rotating “barrel” like in Hearthstone


      I'm about to start making a rotation barrel like the opponent picker in Hearthstone ( https://youtu.be/QBq_MkP8ZFA?t=14s - ignore the sound   )

      From my humble knowledge I'm gonna be doing this steps:

      1. Design it in 3D studio
      2. Import the video in Flash
      3. Make the field dynamic
      4. Fill the fields with JavaScript from a external .txt or .xml file.

      Is this the right way?


      And by the way, how is this rotating thing called on English language? How should I search the internet for it?



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          that's 2d with shading to give the 3d effect.


          google:  actionscript 3 slot machine tutorial.

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            Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            It's easy enough to do that effect in an ActionScript file, it would be tough to do in an HTML5 Canvas FLA. That's because the AS3 FLA has 3D rotation tools, which are not available in HTML5.


            But, assuming you would do is as AS3, you would make a movielcip that has the texture of the wood behind a dynamic text field. You set the contents of the text field from the external data, then either do the arithmetic with code, or create a timeline animation, to make each row rotate and move back and forward in the Z axis.


            Here's a set of five rows where the middle one is a Z=0 and X rotation is 0 too. The one above the middle has its X rotation set to -20, the one above that is -40. The one below the middle is +20, and the bottom one is +40. That's degrees by the way.


            As well as being X rotated, they're also moved in the Z axis, to look further away.


            It would take a bit of time to fully explain what you need to do, but hopefully you can see that it's the same effect as the barreling Hearthstone.


            Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 7.10.53 PM.png

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              skullmonkey Level 1

              I'm not gonna use it on the web. I'll be using it a videos I stream so I don't care about HTML5 at all. I was gonna do it with CS4 if that was the only way