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    Reliable add event

    T Rollins Level 1
      I have a panel which regularly swaps out its contents. When those contents are loaded, they need to trigger an interface update and cause some updating of the view to happen. I've been having a hard time finding an event which reliably does this. It seems that some events do not fire every time the component is instantiated, and some do not fire at the same point in the instantiation. Basically, I want to fire an event every time this component is recalled to view and has fully loaded its media. I've tried stuff like initialize, creationComplete, add, addchild, etc.

      The symptom is that querying the newly added (or returned to) component improperly reports its status. For instance if it is a viewstack, it might report that it is currently displaying a selectedIndex of around 4 trillion, when it only has 3 "pages". Obviously, I'm discarding these results.

      At this point, I'm using a combination of "creationComplete" and "add" to try catching them all, but I feel like I must be missing some more useful/appropriate event. Any suggestions?