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    Combo Box - dropdowns disply behind

      Hello all,

      This is my first post to the forums, so please forgive and feel free to send contructive criticisms regarding any protocals I may have accidently missed.

      I have a rather complex (at least for me) issue that I am running into with the combo box component. I dynamically create several movieclips via a template system (which are draggable), each of which is made up of multiple form elements including the combo box. I put the entire template on a layer called "assets" (for illustation purposes, think of these as dynamically added rows in a table).

      The first issue I noticed was that the FONTS in the combo box and linked dropdown were inconsistent. Secondly, the asset layer(s) were resized to accomodate the length of the dropdowns when the button (the "v" next to the combo box) was clicked but not resized when the combo box was closed. Initially I thought this was simply a style setting (to address the fonts) and swapDepths setting (to bring the currently selected combo to the top of the layer stacking order), but neither seemd to work. It was at this point that I read about the "_lockroot = true;" fix . . . which did seem to fix both the above issues, but ONLY when added to the Asset layer and now I am seeing the dropdowns displaying behind the text area of the combo box directly below it. I have tried everything from changing the swapDepths on the dropdown to cycling through all of the other combo boxes / asset layer rows and toggling their lockroot status (swapping true for currently selected and false for everything else). Nothing has worked and I am absolutely out of ideas. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,