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    LR finished print colors are not as on screen.


      I am using Photoshop CC and LR CC, on a dell 8700 with 16mg memory and running Windows 7 Professional.  I have been using this setup for over a year with great success.  I sync LR with any changes that I make in PSCC,   usually after finishing the development of an images.  My CC is up to date with all updates.  I have installed all updated ICC for Epson papers that I use for my images.  Typically, I use Epson Velvet for my images and that is where I have seen the problem with LP Print Module.  I calibrate my monitors every week using X-rite.


      Just in the last 5 days, my finished prints that I make with LR,using its Print Module are printing vastly different colors than what is visible on my monitor.   I have taken the same exact image and printed it in Photoshop Print Module and the finished is almost a direct duplicate of the one shown on my monitor.  I have tried printing several different images using LP Print Module and Photoshop Print Module and the same thing is happening.  The printed images from the LP Print Module are showing a strong red look to them and the colors are much darker.  I have even taken an image and exported to Photoshop CC and the image when opened looks just like the one in LR.  I then print that image and it prints OK colors are true to the image shown on the monitor in either PS or LR.


      So far I have not done anything with the LRCC that is installed on my desktop not having any idea of what to do to get LR back to printing as it did 5 days ago.  Back then any image printed from LR or PS showed no difference in color at all.


      What are your suggestion to correct the LR Print Module problem?

      Thanks for you help.


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          Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

          Hi Jacklinn,

          Just to make sure, are you choosing your paper size and printer settings using the "Page Setup" button in the print module BEFORE you try to set up the print job using Lightroom? And, are you choosing an appropriate template in Lightroom for what you want to print?

          Please select appropriate Profile in color management in Lightroom, then try to print.

          You can also try to print by choosing Managed by Printer option and check for the difference.


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            jacklinn Level 1





            When selecting the LR Print Module, I do start with “Page Setup” and chose the paper size and ICC profile for Epson Velvet paper.  The template is a simple one image per template (8x10 print image) on paper that is 8.5 x 11.00.  Under Color Management I select the paper profile for Epson Velvet paper. And not by printer.  I just printed the same image in LR but this time, I selected “Color Management” but printer not the paper ICC and this image the colors were all considerable dull and the sharpness was considerable off, when the image has been Sharpened just before printing which was to be expected. 




            I believe that the problem in with LR not interpreting the Epson Velvet ICC correctly and I do not know why???  




            My problem still exist with the colors printed  by LR Print Module and I do not know why.  I still need help with the LR.







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              Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

              Hi Jack,


              It seems to be that there is some issue with the Epson printer drivers.


              Issues can occur when two drivers for the same printer are on the same computer. The data from the new driver isn't always read in these cases. Removing all the printer drivers completely and adding back in the newer driver can solve several printing issues in Photoshop or Lightroom.

              Please completely uninstall all (Epson) printer drivers and reinstall the latest drivers.


              You can follow the steps provided in the below mentioned link. However, you may consider contacting Epson directly to get assistance as it is a different manufacturer.


              These instructions should work for other printer manufacturer's printers, but no guarantee.


              http://helpx-internal.corp.adobe.com/content/help/en/photoshop/kb/remove-printer-driver-co mpletely.html




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                jacklinn Level 1


                I worked with Epson this afternoon and deleted all their print drivers and re-installed them with the latest versions.  I also re-installed all the ICC profiles that I use.  I then went back to LRCC, to the same  image and using the Page Setup followed by selection of a single images template from the Print Module in LR and the results were there the same as before.  I also then printed the same image using Photoshop and again had the same results as before, a print looks correct and not over saturated on the reds.  I believe the issue is some place in LR Print Module.


                Again this is a very new issue with the colors from the LR Print Module, in the recent past the color from LR Print Module have been the mark.  It has been in the last five days that the color issue has started.


                I also have not installed any new software on my desktop or uninstalled any software during this period.  I have not had any problems with any other software or with the computer.  My results from Photoshop also have continued to be as expected and the printing is as expected, no color issues.

                The problem with LR Print Module is still the same and has not been resolved.  What do we do next?


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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Is your issue with all printed images or just a particular printed image?  If just one image, have you softproofed the image against the printer-paper profile in LR to make sure all the colors are in gamut?  Make sure you haven’t enabled Print Adjustment in LR with non-zero values.  It’s next to where you set the printer-paper profile.


                  My guess is that LR has remembered a printer-driver setting that’s set wrong or LR’s memory of the printer-driver settings is corrupted and so when you print from LR to your printer the bad setting is affecting things.


                  I am not sure how to get LR to forget a particular bad setting, but if you can rename your printer and then tell LR to print to that new instance of it, then maybe it’ll have to start over with whatever settings it’s remembered and the bad setting or corrupted setting won’t be there. 


                  The usual issue of bad colors is that you have LR set to do color management with a printer-paper profile selected—which is correct, but then you also have your printer set to do color management with who knows what printer-paper profile or auto or I don’t know what Epson drivers have for settings nowadays, and the printer needs to be set to be doing No color management or None or whatever the setting is.


                  Maybe I missed it, but I don’t see where you’ve told us what all your Epson printer driver settings are, or at least the ones related to color management.

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                    Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

                    Hi Jack,


                    Have you tried it with a different epson profile, that’s similar to the Velvet one?

                    Please make sure to use the paper size that includes the correct way the paper is being fed into the printer. Go through the entire page set and print setup and check everything.

                    Turn off 16 bit printing in the driver and in LR.

                    Make sure Color management is off in the driver.


                    Please try the above suggestions and let us know.



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                      jacklinn Level 1



                      Thank you so much.  Your input first of all made sense to me given the problem that I had defined.  It turned out that I had not set the color management correctly and as soon as I set it correctly the problem was solved.  Your comments certainly help me go through the problem in an organized manner.  The other comments from Adobe I just felt were taking me down a "rabbit hole" and not toward a solution.


                      Again, thanks my CC life it now back in order and the printer is doing the job that it has been doing for the last 3 years.  I had established a goal for myself this year to move more toward LR and less dependent on PS for the management of my photo editing.  For a while I was becoming concerned that I had set the wrong goal for my editing but back on track to reach my goal by the end of the year.

                      Have a great day,


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                        jacklinn Level 1

                        The printing issue has been solved, thanks for you interest.