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    Weird behavior with Titles; help please

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      With Premier elements 13.1, I put a default title on the timeline.  I wanted it to fade in then fade out by line, so I clicked to apply fade in preset and then I clicked to apply fade out present and one present replaced the other.  Looked on the web and did not see any help on how to apply both at the same time.  So I copied the title and applied fade in to the first one and fade out to the second one thinking that would do it.  But no, when you apply fade in or fade out to the second clip it makes both supposedly independent clips fade in or both fade out!  You change one and both change.  What the hell is that about??



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What computer operating system is involved with your Premiere Elements 13/13.1?


          It sounds like you are applying text animation to your text in the opened Titler/Animation Section with its Fades choice of

          Fade In By Line


          Fade Out By Line

          You cannot apply both of these at the same time to the same text file. It is one or the other.


          If you want to Fade In and Fade Out a completed title created in the Titler, then consider

          a. close the Titler

          b. right click the title on the Timeline, select Fade from the menu that pops up, followed by Fade In Video (that gives you a 1 second Fade In).

          b. right click the same title on the Timeline, select Fade from the menu that pops up, followed by Fade Out Video (that gives you a 1 second Fade Out.


          The latter leave dots (keyframes) on the Timeline title file's rubberband (the horizontal orange line that run across the clip's middle)...you can adjust those keyframes at the Timeline level moving those keyframes (dots) with your mouse cursor.


          Please let me know if I have targeted what you sought. If not, please give more details.






          Add On....In case you run into problems applying Titler animation to more than one line of text in one title file, then please check out the how to details in the following  ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: Titler - Part 1 Text Animations

          same principles for various versions of the program.

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            firedeva Level 1

            Thanks.  The right click method worked fine.  The Fade in and Fade out by line in the Titler is stranger in two ways, first in that you can only apply fade in or fade out there but not both.   And second because in my system (Win 7), when a fade in or out is applied it is not applied just to the clip that I have highlighted, but TO ALL THE TITLE CLIPS ON THE TIMELINE.  Don't know if this is a bug, a quirk in my installation, or just a design flaw in Elements 13.  And I don't know why you would use the Titler for fade in/out since you can do it correctly with the right click you pointed to.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the follow up and the great news that you are OK with the details of the Titler's text Animation.


              I would need step details on what you did to get Timeline Fade In Fade Out repeating unwantingly in other Titles, but here is what I think happened...no bug, just the way it is...

              a. You create a title file in the Titler, you close the Titler and focus on the title file in the Timeline.

              (When you created the title in the Titler, a copy of the file was placed on the Timeline at the position of the Timeline Indicator. And, a copy was placed in Expert workspace Project Media.


              b. If you made separate additional titles (Text Menu/New/Default Text each time), you would not have this type of problem.


              c. However, if you copy the first Timeline title file or its counterpart in Project Assets, and used the copy for the additional titles, enter the problem.

              Each copy would have the same name Title 01.


              d. What you do is this....create your first title, close the Titler, then go to Project Assets where you right click the title's thumbnail there. Now in the pop up menu, select Duplicate. Drag the Duplicate to the Timeline, double click the Duplicate there to open the Titler workspace, and edit. Only the Duplicate will be affected by what you type. Note that the Duplicate has a different file name.


              Please explore and experiment with those thoughts and let me know if they work for you.