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    Library issues moving from Apple Photos to Lightroom?


      I made a terrible, terrible mistake. I have used iPhoto for several years, since I purchased my Mac, and all of my workflow and everything was in there. Then, when Apple updated iPhoto to Photos, it killed all the features, made previously usable features worse/buggy, etc. Photos is a crap software, and I hated it so much I decided to move to Lightroom.


      Herein lies the problem: When iPhoto was updated into Photos, Apple created a new library while simultaneously leaving the old one. So now I have 2 libraries: iPhoto Library.migratedphotolibrary, and Photos Library.photoslibrary. I ran the Adobe iPhoto to Lightroom plugin: it only recognized the former library. After the import, I discovered some things:


      1. All of my tags/edits/metadata/whatever was still there, which is good.
      2. All of the photos that I had deleted on iPhoto came back from the dead and are now jumbled around in Lightroom (what the ^&*% is the reason those deleted photos weren't actually deleted???)
      3. None of the photos I had taken since the Photos update were imported, and when trying to explicitly select Photos Library.photoslibrary in the import plugin, it doesn't recognize it. I was able to get them into Lightroom but I lost all that metadata and tags.


      Can 2 or 3 be fixed? I don't want to have to go through 20k photos and delete the crappy ones all over again. If there's no fix, I'm gonna buy a plane ticket to California and stamp on the face of the nearest Apple engineer because it is absolutely outrageous that those photos weren't deleted in the first place.