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    PProPanel marker timecode values differ


      Creating  a sequence marker using the following code from PPropanel SDK sample, creates a marker with a different timestamp. Could anybody tell me how a supplied timcode in javascript is represented in PPRO ?

      var new_comment_marker  = markers.createMarker(12.345);

      new_comment_marker.name  = 'Marker created by PProPanel.';

      new_comment_marker.comments  = 'Here are some comments, inserted by PProPanel.';

      new_comment_marker.end  = 15.6789;


      Inside Marker panel, a marker is created with

      Marker In : 00:00:12:07

      Marker Out : 00:00:15:15


      I had an assumption that the values supplied using extension and values presented in PPRO should will be same but this is not the case. Any comments ?