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    Need help with netstream crossdomain issue

      Our company has a main server for our web site. But all of our graphics are then copied from the main server to a special caching server to speed things up. I am trying to use netstream to create a universal video player for our company and it works fine as long as the source .swf and .flv are being called from the same server. But when I call the .swf from our main server and then the .swf tries to load the .flv from the graphics server, it doesn't play. I have tried the crossdomain.xml thing and it still doesn't work. I've looked for information relating to netstream crossdomain issues but haven't found anything. I know the easy solution is to make sure everything is called one server, but many people might use this and I can't always be sure they know what they are doing. Can anybody help???? OR could this be a problem with the way our servers are setup?