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    FLVplayback control

      I am really stumped on this and would greatly appreciate any help.

      quick overview of what I'm trying to do:

      1. A swf embedded (via javascript) in a page, by default hidden.
      2. user clicks button on page to show movie (via javascript/dhtml), auto play (has FLVPlayback that loads external flvs)
      3. when user clicks close button (in flash) the play list index is incremented, next flv loaded (to prepare for next view)
      the flash 'window' is closed
      4. OR when the movie completes the play list is incremented, the next flv loaded (to prepare for next view)
      the flash 'window' is closed
      5. Next time the user clicks the button, same behavior - show movie, auto play, etc (this time playing the
      next flv in the playlist)

      Make sense?

      So - let me focus on the close button vs the flvplayback complete
      if I click my close button, all works as expected - play list index increments, next flv loaded, hide flash (it is now NOT playing)
      --> the flash window is hidden, no sound or other indication of the flv continuing play
      if I seek the movie any amount, and then let it finish up playing, all works as expected...like just described above.

      HOWEVER, if I just let the movie play through, w/out seeking or clicking close - the play list index increments, next flv is loaded, the flash
      'window' is closed BUT the newly loaded flv continues to play!

      I have it set up such that the button release event AND the flvplayback complete event share the same code to increment, load, close...

      So what is the possible difference in how this is getting executed? the 3 scenarios:
      button click - works
      seek movie a bit, let it play out - works
      let movie play in entirety - almost works but flv continues to play in backround! its hidden, but hear audio...

      Thoughts or suggestions?

      I've included my code.

      Thanks all, I really appreciate any help/suggestions ANYTHING!

      - k