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    Camera Tracker error

    InterMurph Level 1

      Premiere Pro 1080p sequence with 4K footage, sent to After Effects for 3D Camera Tracker, get "Layer size must match Composition and use default transform values" error


      Here are the steps:

      1. Import 4K footage into Premiere Pro CC 2015
      2. Create a 1080p Sequence
      3. Insert several 4K clips, but maintain the 1080p sequence
      4. Use the Motion effect controls to set the scale to somewhere between 60% and 70%
      5. Make a bunch of color adjustments in the Lumetri panel
      6. Select a single clip in the 1080p sequence, and select File/Adobe Dynamic Link/Replace with After Effects Composition
      7. In After Effects CC 2015, select Animation/Track Camera
      8. Wait patiently as the 3D Camera Tracker analyzes my footage.  This is remarkably slow on my 4K footage.
      9. After AE is done analyzing my footage, I get a red error strip that says, "3D Camera Tracker:  Layer size must match Composition and use default transform values"


      When I select Composition/Settings in AE, it says that the composition is 1920 x 1080 at 23.976 frames/second, which matches the Premiere Pro sequence.  But when I highlight the layer and select Layer/Layer Settings, it is grayed out for some reason.  So as far as I can tell, the layer size does match the composition

      I believe that my problem is the 4K footage that I have inserted into my 1080p sequence.  Does this make sense?  And if so, how can I work around it?