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    Green run button in Flex builder 2 won't work


      The green run button in Flex Builder 2 on PC won't work. When I push it to test my work I just get a white screen and it crashes my computer.

      I sort of accidentially pressed the debug button and got an error message that it couldn't debug. So, essentially this is broken as well. It took me to a link on the Adobe web site that suggested that the reason that I couldn't debug was because I needed a newer version of Flash Player 9. version or something. (active x) so I downloaded this and things have been screwed up since. Now the green run button doesn't work either. I tried removing and reloading the Flex program but, that didn't work either.

      Please help. Adobe won't help me, unless I pay $1495.00 to get a question answered for a product that was defective to be fixed. I really don't want to pay for their mistakes.

      I am very disappointed in your customer service for this product.