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    swap with larger image

    jiggy1965 Level 1

      I've imported an image file, a svg file, which is around 200x100 pixels in dimensions. Now I've upgraded that image which is now 400x100 pixels, so twice as wide. When I open the Edge file or reload it, with the original image already placed on the stage, it updates that image, but not the way I wish. The image is updated, but the size of the div remains 200x100 so the image is now shrunk in width. How can I have Edge update the image and update it's dimensions too or is that something not yet possible?

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          rosebudd Level 3

          I too swapped SVGs, and was delighted that I did not have to change dimensions manually in Edge. In IE the browser was applying background height:100% and background width: 100%, and stretching the SVG to fill the swapped images dimensions.


          If you change your SVGs to image rather than div they don't do this. BUT your swapped image can be no wider, or higher than the original.


          I am looking for a code solution to this. Either in the SVG or Edge.