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    Flash data capture form

      Hello folks.

      I'm hoping someone out there will be able to lend a hand with some actionscript for us! ;-)

      To serve as a bit of background info, we sell packaging material on eBay (id: postalsupplies), we now offer our eBay customers the opportunity to buy Jiffy bags with the customer's Royal Mail PPI (Pre Paid Impression) information and their own logo pre-printed on the Jiffy bags they order from us.

      I have built a mock-up flash form that will capture the relevant information from the customer.

      Our programmer (very little experience with flash) has successfully written a html/php version.

      We now need get the code working in the flash version so it passes the data to the php which creates the image that forms the artwork that will be ultimately sent to the factory that make and print the Jiffys.

      Hope this all makes sense!

      I guess the ideal situation for us, would be if some kind soul would write the code for us. This is where the .fla is located should you need it: http://www.psdh.eu/flashform.fla (I have made a start/attempt as you might notice).

      ANY help is greatfully received!

      Thanks in advance.

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          Craig_Rutherford Level 1
          Hello Helpy McHelpson.

          Thanks for your offer of help.

          How about you walk us through it AND we send you some money?

          Yes, the php is all present, correct and working, just need to plug the flash into it.

          I guess the code will be relatively simple, but when you don't know it, the solution can seem quite distant.

          Get back to me and we can go forward if you are up for it!

          Thanks again,