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    I'm no coder so I need to add extra events in EA CC 2015 so, when loading a external JS (ex Hammer js) file how do we call it's functions, and after publishing can I integrate in a DPS using Import Article?


      Is it necessary any code placed in creationComplete to be able to call it's event's?


      I've been trying this code and then publish t and import the html article to Indesign Folio, but the swipe u and down don't work.




          nope:['edge_includes/hammer.js'] ,

          complete: init




      function init (){



         var element = sym.element[0];

         var hammer = Hammer(element);



         hammer.on("swipeup", function(event) {





         hammer.on("swipedown", function(event) {






      What my I be doing wrong?