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    Randomly stops recording audio

      :The summary says it all... doing LONG recording sessions with audio and the audio will stop in the middle of the recording, but everything else gets recorded. I suspected that it had something to do with use of Pause, but have determined that Pausing is not the only time that it happens.

      Any ideas?

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          CatBandit Level 3

          Hi Leanne,
          Is this happening when you record narrative during the original recording, or is it when you are adding audio after the recording process is done - during editing?

          With only this minimal information, my vote goes to inadequate resources on your development machine - it's been a day for that ... can you tell me all about the box? How much contiguous HDD free space, how much RAM, what kind of audio, how fast is the processor, what mfg of processor - that sort of thing ... thanks!
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            borglette Level 1
            During the original recording session, and it is incredibly intermittant. I am not doing recording sessions longer than 1 hour.
            About the machine:

            Dell Latitude 620 1.66ghz Centrino processor 1gb RAM 46gb free space.