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    AE won't release AJA on Quit

    patbono Level 1

      Just re-installed the whole system with Yosemite, AE 13.5.1 with AJA 12.2.1 driver. Each time I quit AE, the AJA will still be in use by AE. So it prevent using the AJA with another application until I make a full system reboot.  Any clues?

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          Magic Eye Edit 1

          Unfortunately the same happens on our systems Aja Kona LHe+ with driver 12.3. Both disabling Mercury transmit and Aja preview does not release the hardware, not when switching from AE to a different app, nor when quitting AE. Very problematic, since you cannot use AE anymore on editing systems without rebooting all the time. Mac OSX 10.9.5 here.

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            patbono Level 1

            I finally found something. I had an other identical system with same os/AE version/aja driver that was ok. The only difference was the AE build version. The most updated one had the problem. So since there is no way to roll back version build other than CC2014, I copied the application from the system that was correct and It fixed the problem. I forgot to take the exact build version in note but it was the one available sept 1st 2015, the 13.5.1.XXX .  I rolled back to, the one available august 10th. This fixed my problem for now and we will not update for a while.

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              I have the same problem.. AE 13.7  AJA KoNA 3G 12.3.8


              But probably Adobe is going to blame AJA and AJA is going to blame Adobe like the quicktime gamma shift problem. Nobody takes

              responsibility and we suffer as usual.

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                Jef Huey Level 1

                Old thread, I know.  And maybe off thread some.  But ...


                I am running the AE 2015.3 release with the latest AJA Kona 3G drivers 12.4.2 on a loaded Mac Tower with 32 GB memory and OS 10.9.5.

                I have no problem with auto release.  AE works as it should in that respect.  But I am having major problems with getting a preview that runs locked at speed for a full 30 sec commercial after a ram preview.  It will drop to not real time and come back randomly.


                I have read the AJA Adobe driver doc and followed the 3 recommendations with no improvement.


                Is anybody having a good quality experience with any of the IO cards when using After Effects (AJA or BMD)?