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    GET URL button action for Edge? Using MIS/Citrex with Xigla Banner manager



      I've read a lot here in the forums explaining adding URL actions. But i have a unique situation. I work with a large firm and we have ads booked through our citrus/MIS. We have Xigla Banner Manager software which is integrated with our MIS/Citrex system. I'm currently seeking technical /programmer expertise. We are hosting numerous ads from different advertisers and agencies on variety number of websites where the webmaster is using our iframe code.


      Using flash we are able to use AS2 and AS3 using getURL or navigateURL actions to call on our MIS/System for the website to click to. I'm wondering if anyone might be able to help me out and on an action for Adobe Edge?


      Example of AS2 in flash was :


      on (press) {

          getURL(url, "_blank");



      Example of AS3 in flash was:

      Ourbuttonname.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,function(event: MouseEvent) : void {

            flash.net.navigateToURL(new URLRequest(root.loaderInfo.parameters.url), "_blank");

      } );



      I'm trying to find much needed help on how to add a script such as this which can be added in Edge without jumping into the HTML file and doing editing. I haven't seen any other forums in the same situation as I am.


      Your help would be appreciated.

      Thank you!!!