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    I need to create a specific "Vote" button....It´s Urgent to me

    El León

      Greetings to all.


      My question is:

      I want to place multiple "votes" buttons to choose maximum two songs of their choice from the 10 songs proposals.     But every person, supposedly, can vote more than twice in a defined period of time (probably every 21 or 30 days).     How can I create this in Muse or Edge Animate? or whether it is through working with codes and programs.     Such as codes of programming languages (I understand only a little) is not used,  I thank the person who can give me the answer explains step by step so that it can understand, really I appreciate it.     Should be in code, how can I put them in Adobe Muse or Edge Animate?    The web page will be created in Adobe Muse, is a web site of internet radio.


      I use Edge Animate 2014 or 2015, I have both.