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    matching times

      Hi i have a output which lists increments of times in the first column of a table in the second column i want to show appointment from my database that matches the time displayed


      8:00 paul
      10:00 john
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          dempster Level 1
          It looks like your time is a text string rather than a date/time field. Is that right? That can make it harder.

          Your idea of a loop is okay, but you'd want to start by creating a time object for the start time, then convert it into a string. You'd also want to query the database inside the loop, to get the names of the matching start time.

          <CFLOOP INDEX="hour" FROM="8" TO="22">
          <CFSET StartTime=CreateTime(hour, 0, 0)>
          <CFQUERY NAME="GetClients" DATASOURCE="iluvcricket">
          SELECT * FROM Appoint_Table c
          WHERE c.Time_ID = '#TimeFormat(StartTime, "hh:mm")#'

          Here you display the time, then the clients