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    Re-ocurring Catalog Preview File on NAS drive?


      I have moved my Pictures (Originals) to a NAS drive (N:), and left the Catalog on a Local drive (C:), and redirected the Catalog backup (also on the local computer, not to the NAS drive).  A folder "Pictures\Lightroom\Lightroom Catalog Previews.lrdata" keeps being created on the NAS even after being deleted?  It is in the same folder location on the NAS that I moved my Original Pictures to, but I can't find anywhere within Lightroom that I've set up this file location to save this Catalog folder here. If I delete this Pictures folder, or rename it, it immediately recreates itself. The location I have specified in Lightroom appears to also be updating a "Lightroom Catalog Previoew.lrdata" file as expected (on the C:), so it seems to be doing it in two places (although they don't look like exact duplicate's) and I can't get rid of the one on the NAS. Any ideas?