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    Slider Issue

      Hello guys. I rely on your help. I have a problem with a price range slider. Say a user has set the low value thumb to the right to $200 (roughly half-way along the slider range). If they then grab the high value thumb and move it to the left, the distinct possibility exists where they would drag it beyond the low thumb’s position. As the two thumbs cross over, it seems logical to think that we could make the thumbs “switch” - the high value thumb would switch on-the-fly to the low value thumb and continue the movement to the left to set that low end range value. It should be transparent to the user.

      Additionally, as an user drag the thumb, it should display a data tip that includes the full price range. $0 should be “Free”. So user might have “Free - $200” as a range. How can I display the dataTip this way? Thanks.