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    Ligature Issues: File Conversion from IND 4/5.5 to CC2015

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      First for context. The company I work for has been contracted for several years developing technical handbooks and illustrations. Much of our work was done in InDesign 4 and 5.5. Recently we switched to the cloud subscription and are now using CC2015. We are primarily Windows-based.


      I have noticed since updating to CC2015 that several letter combinations are now invisible. It took some troubleshooting but realized they were all ligatures. Disabling ligatures under the particular paragraph style made the letters visible again. However, letter spacing has shifted as a result forcing the entire document to shift subtly from page to page and even line to line. The shift is unacceptable in that our layout must match the original printed versions.


      My searches have only found others with similar problems, but no real solutions that I can find.


      1. Why were the ligatures made invisible to begin with? The text is still there and is selectable, but is either without color or white. Simply changing  font color does nothing.
      2. Is there a counter then to disabling ligatures via the paragraph styles palette in order to maintain original letter spacing?
      3. I have searched to test replacing with glyphs, but spacing and shifting are still issues.


      These books are rather dense at several hundred pages each. Redesign of layout to compensate the shifting due to ligature display selection is not an option. Reverting to older format is not an option. I am pretty stressed at the moment because it seems I cannot find a way forward due to this weird display of ligature issue. The issue itself makes no sense to me as to why suddenly it appears this way when all was well, before.


      I am hoping someone might offer insight that I am missing?


      Thanks in advance,


      - Noel




      I just noticed letter spacing shifts whether or not I disable ligatures. Strange. I opened a document from IND 4 directly into CC2015. At first glance, all seems fine with the exception of the invisible ligatures. On selecting a text frame, then copying/pasting for visual reference I noticed the text shift slightly (visual spacing, words kicked to following lines, etc. It appears as though tracking and kerning are all the same as before, but visually there is a shift). There was no edit applied, nor was my type tool selected to possibly mis-click a setting. I simply opened a file, selected a text frame, and CTL+C/CTRL+V to have a second instance available for comparison after I made a few test adjustments.


      What on earth is going on?