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    Indexing feasability

    Ugo G.

      Hello fellow Indesigners!

      I have a question concerning indexes. ( i didn't quite found what i was looking for while searching the forum, so here I am...)
      I’ll expose the situation and desired outcome.

      The project is a list of educational films with synopsis as well as keywords describing the the subjects covered. Like so :

      [Movie 1] // P style “Movie Title”
      [familly, history, ethics] // P style “keywords”
      [sysnopsis] // P style “sysnopsis”

      I have 4 movies per pages.

      Now I need to index the movies by keywords. Meaning one movie will appear more than once in the index. The output i need is like this :

      page # >> Movie 1
      page # >> Movie 3
      page # >> Movie 10

      page # >> Movie 1
      page # >> Movie 4
      page # >> Movie 5

      page # >> Movie 1
      page # >> Movie 3

      So I have to have :
      – the keywords in alphabetical order ;
      – the page numbers followed by a tab ; and
      – the movie title concerned by the keyword

      And now i ask you is this even possible ?

      Many thanks for your kind help! Please let me know if this not exactly clear and understandable.