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    Why is my output shrinking?


      My InDesign templates are dead nuts accurate. I have a 24 up business card template on 12x18" stock; 3.5x2" with .125" gutters. However, when I print to either a Fiery or Momentum RIP, the final output is reduced significantly.


      Things I've already checked:

      • Scale to Fit is NOT selected
      • Print, Summary, Setup, Scaling is 100%.
      • The paper stock is acclimated to the shop, so paper shrinkage is minimal.


      This problem presents itself when output from a Xerox Color J75 (Fiery RIP) AND a Heidelberg Quickmaster DI press (Momentum RIP). Two entirely different systems!


      I also tried printing to the Adobe Pdf driver, then sending from Acrobat. The problem is still there, but not as bad.


      Any ideas?