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    Illustrator Draw with the new iPad Pro

    sciulli999 Level 1

      I realize the iPad Pro was JUST announced and only Apple and Adobe employees have probably played around with the hardware and software together... but what is everyone's thoughts? Will these work well together?


      I do some pretty simple comic drawings (mainly just line art and then simple coloring with Photoshop) and I'm wondering about the feasibility of drawing on the iPad Pro. I've been using a Wacom tablet for years, but recently purchased a Surface Pro 3, so I'm set on a tablet that I can draw directly on the screen with a pen. I can return the Surface by Friday if I want... but I need to figure out if the iPad/iOS Adobe apps will work with my workflow.


      With the Surface Pro 3 I run full Photoshop. I draw in Photoshop on a 5,000 pixel x 5000 pixel canvas set at 150ppi.


      I need layers, adjusting pen brushes and to be able to color. I was looking at Photoshop sketch but it looks like that does not have layer support.


      Could I draw in Illustrator Draw on the iPad Pro and then send to my MacBook Pro to do the finishing touches? Are you able to set your canvas size in Illustrator Draw?


      here's an example of a drawing I'm working on currently: