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      I did a search for this first and only came up with two suggestions of discussions back in December that NO ONE answered or even touched.


      So my question is this: Even though they have a PDF outlining the conversion from Edge to their "workspace", is Sizmek just not supporting Edge anymore?

      I went through their steps, sent it through and there was an issue of the animation starting before it was loaded. They sent me code to insert in the initEB() and I resubmitted and this is what they sent back today:


      Looks like these were created using Adobe Edge as opposed to being coded in HTML5.

      See attached document on how to make these Sizmek compatible.


      Make the necessary updates and I’ll take another look.


      We strongly suggest creating ads as Sizmek Workspaces using a combination of one of the various templates available in our Showcase (in either the Ad Formats or Ad Features section) and Greensock.


      Here is a link to an overview of our HTML5 Workspaces: Overview: Managing HTML5 Workspaces

      It will give you a look at how HTML5/Workspace files are handled and how they should be uploaded to the Platform.


      If your devs are not as familiar with HTML5 you could try our Ad Builder for HTML5/HTML5 Factory.

      It is built directly into the Platform and is an easy way to get up and running with HTML5.

      Drag and Drop design and components make it very quick to build all common ad types.


      Building the ads as a Workspace or using Ad Builder for HTML5/HTML5 Factory ensures that the ads will function as expected in tested situations

      as opposed to relying on ads built using third-party convertors, etc, like Edge, which we do not support.

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          SydneyLoiner Level 1

          I have been building banners with Adobe Edge & running them through Sizmek. What are you trying to do?

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            dSparks Level 1

            Thanks for replying Sydney!

            I've been working with the agency dealing with them all day and I just got an email of apology.

            Apparently, I did it right and there was a mixup on their end.

            I should feel vindicated and happy but, alas, it was a constant back and forth of blame and "you did it wrong" which makes me feel...I don't know...not vindicated but dragged through the mud and given a wetnap to clean myself off.

            I can't wait until standards are put in place and the seas subside.

            Thanks again!