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    Why are my Premiere Pro effects (Lumetri Color, Motion) missing when I send it to After Effects?

    InterMurph Level 1

      Here is what I did:in Premiere Pro CC 2015.0.2:

      • Create a 1080p timeline
      • Add multiple 4K clips
      • In the Motion effect for each 4K clip, set the Scale to between 60% and 70%, and adjust the Position to suit taste
      • In the Lumetri Color panel, make various color adjustments
      • Decide to add motion-tracked text to one clip
      • Select that clip, right-click, and select Replace with After Effects Composition from the pop-up menu
      • In After Effects, discover that all of the effects I have added are gone.


      Is there any way for these effects to be honored in After Effects?  Or do I have to add the motion-tracked text to the clip before I apply any effects?  That would stink for many reasons, foremost that I need to adjust the scale and position of the clip to determine where the text should be anchored.