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    Send data to XML file

      I have created a flash presentation that gets info (Names and Type) from a XML file. (You can see it at: www.thegatheringministries.com/RFL/names.swf ).
      Now i would like to create another flash file that allows me to easily enter name and type.
      This is for my local Relay for Life. The night of the event people turn in names of people who have had cancer (survivors = "In Honor" people who lost the battle= "In Memory") It would be nice to have a screen where you enter the name, then choose "In Memory of" or "In Honor of". Then hit a submitt button that saves the name to the XML file.

      The formating that i am useing in my XML file is:
      The following example is for In Honor of Jack Smith.

      <names Type="In Honor of">Jack Smith</names>

      Thanks in advance!