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    Loading Sound problem.


      Thanks fer taking the time to read my query.

      I've got what basically amounts to a hub movie, which after a brief intro loads in various other swf movies.
      My problem is with the loading of sound, the hub has 8 'soundChannels' set up, to act as global sound dumps if you would, like so...

      _global.SoundOne = new Sound(_root.mc1);

      _global.SoundTwo = new Sound(_root.mc2);

      _global.SoundThree = new Sound(_root.mc3);

      _global.SoundFour = new Sound(_root.mc4);

      _global.SoundFive = new Sound(_root.mc5);

      _global.SoundSix = new Sound(_root.mc6);

      _global.SoundSeven = new Sound(_root.mc7);

      _global.SoundEight = new Sound(_root.mc8);

      So the hub now has 8 empty movie clips, each with an empty sound channel attached to it.

      This all works fine within the hub, using _global.SoundOne.attachSound('Trump'),... _global.SoundOne.setVolume(100)... etc etc, all works fine allowing me to use sounds exported (the linkage property in the library) with the swf hub movie (but not embedded).

      When I load in an external .swf file into a movieclip called 'loadOnMe' (also with sound loaded on the first frame), how do I get the sounds in external movie into the _global sound channels? I tried _global.SoundOne.attachSound('ExternalMovieSound'); within the external movie. But when it was loaded into the hub it didn't seem to work.

      Can you use sound in this way with external .swf files or should the sound be embedded into a movieclip and played that way? If anyone know of tutorial or has advice on dealing with sound within multiple loaded external movie clips, that'd be great.

      Many thanks,