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    Apple pencil

    gec78 Level 2

      OK... It's early days, but I'm going to start begging Adobe support the Apple Pencil in Draw. I haven't used Adobe Ink (Not available where I live) but I have a stylus that is based on the technology (Adonit PixelPoint), and it's pretty unusable due mainly to the lag, and because despite promises, it's not at all accurate. If the Apple Pen lives up to the hype, and I'm kind of inclined to believe that Apple will get it right, especially as they are not relying on Bluetooth, it will be a real breakthrough. I imagine many apps will work out of the box, but please make sure future releases of Draw play nicely!

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          I think everyone is in agreement that it will be great to have a faster (more responsive) connection than standard BlueTooth, especially for Draw.


          It looks like someone has started a thread on Stylus discussions here:


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          Pencil looks cool, but I can't find tech specs anywhere so far for it.