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    How do I re-organize/re-import existing folders into dated folders?

    jomama341 Level 1

      By and large, all of the photos I've imported to LR5 are indexed into folders by year with subfolders for each individual date. There are, however, a handful of folders I mistakenly imported en masse without telling LR to organize them by date. I'd like to normalize everything and reorganized these undated folders. Is there a way to do this somewhat automatically in LR? I realize I could manually create all of these folders and subfolders, but that would be pretty cumbersome. I've searched pretty extensively and can't find a convenient way to do this.


      I should also mention that I've edited photos in all of these undated folders, so I'm not sure that removing them and reimporting them is an option without losing my edits.


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated!