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    FCKEditor and editing CFML-Source

      Hello Community,

      i now use FCKEditor as my HTML-Editor. But in some part of my Application the user should be able to edit cfml-code. I thought that i could do this also with FCKEditor. But it seems to try to interprete the tags and makes curious things with coldfusion-tags and so destroys the contents.
      Has anyone an idea how i can use FCKEditor with cfml-tags for editing cfml-sources?

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          Ever think about downloading Eclipse with the CF plug-in? Its free and has
          all the CF tags library.

          Not sure if a free HTML editor is the best choice for coding CF. Why not use
          MS Notepad or Notepad ++


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            mcd Level 1

            fist, thanks for your answer.
            But notepad,eclipse or whatever is a desktop-application is not a solution. my cfm-application has an own dictionary, which creates powerfull source for editing data as a grid oder in single-record mode. this source is completly generated by my coldfusion-app based on the definition of the tables, also done in my applications.
            to be a bit more flexible i introduced includes to my generator. this includes contain cfml-code. and this includes i want to edit in my coldfusion web app. Because almoust everything is done through my own data-dictionary, edited in my coldfusion app, i dont want to break this process that the users have to use a desktop-application and drive-access to my production server.

            the "normal" development of that coldfusion-app itself is done with ultraedit.