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    Can I import Filename words as Keywords in the Metadata when importing photos?

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      Apologies if this question has already been asked. I can’t find the response: Will / Can Lightroom import the filename words for my photos as keywords into the metadata when importing my photos from my hard-drive? And if so, how can I do this?


      I am new to Lightroom from iPhoto. Having read various articles on transferring photos from iPhoto I have exported some 7000 photos, all into an electronic file onto my Hard Disk. Following advice, I am classing and renaming the photo files on my hard drive to be able to import them into Lightroom in an orderly fashion. It’s not too difficult because iPhoto has already mostly changed the filenames to the event names as ordered in iPhoto. I would also prefer to do it manually rather than using any iPhoto / Aperture Plug-in because my iPhoto organisation was far from perfect and I have already started to vastly improve it by changing the filenames.


      I am renaming the picture files with extra information to improve the organisation even more with what would be the keywords anyway “DATE/EVENT NAME/NAME OF PERSON/S IN THE PHOTO” so it would be good not to have retype these as keywords into the metadata after importation for each photo. Is this automatic and if not is there a way of achieving this? Any other advice is welcomed !