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    share a catalog between lightroom 5 and 6


      i just upgraded LR 5 to six on my office machine, becaus i have a new camera that is not supported in LR 5.


      i also shoot a project offsite through a laptop into a LR5 catalog, which is stored on a portable drive, which i then take to my studio to work on the images. a few days later i take it back to the location and keep shooting into that same catalog.

      my laptop is 32bit, which means, i cannot install LR6 on it. it is also too small and not powerful enough to do the real edits on it.


      how can i share this LR5 catalog between the two machines?

      i can't just open it in 6, because it will be converted and then unreadable for 5, right?

      can i force my office machine to open the catalog in LR5? it seems to still be there, at least judging from the files i see in explorer.

      can i force LR6 to save in a compatible format?


      also: the whole workflow of this project is very dependant on plugins that i installed in LR5. i don't know, if they all work in 6.