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    Table row height ignores cell inset value when text goes to 2 lines

    AndyAtPBZinc Level 1

      Hi guys. (Indesign CC 2015)
      Working with a product catalog table and we’re having an issue when the text in a cell goes from one line to two lines (when column width is shifted)

      The table is set up as a library item. The row height is set to “at least” (.16in). Most/all aspects of the table are controlled by styles. (ie all text has an assigned style. All cells have assigned styles, header rows/text etc)

      The default cell style –> Text tab: text aligned center and has these insets. top/bottom = .03in and left/right = .0625 This works well and looks great when there’s one line but when the cell is small enough so the text has to flow/wrap to two lines the inset is ignored; the text is running almost up to the cell edge top and bottom…

      Has anyone else seen this and is this something in our setup or is this an InDesign thing? Is there a way to fix or mitigate this?
      Thanks so much for any help. Thanks

      Here's a screen shot illustrating the problem. Note the center row where the upper and lower inset is slightly less than the rows before but has the same cell/para  styles....

      table cell problem.JPG