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    Sync components hide&show

      Ok, this is the scene:

      One vertical ToggleButtonBar (T1) controls a Viewstack (V1). Each Canvas of the viewstack is divided into 2 zones: top one with a horizontal ToggleButtonBar (T2) and the bottom which is another viewstack (V2) controlled by T2. This way there is a T2 and V2 for each Option of T1.

      I use "Sequence" effects as hide & show for V1. This sequences affect directly to the components inside the according canvas (V2 and T2). This way, when I press a button of T1, it shows the appropiate canvas in V1, so I use a Move effect to make T2 appear and a Fade to show V2. The problem is that It should wait the effects on each canvas of the viewstack, but all they do is overlaping each other.

      I really don't know what is wrong or if this is the correct path to do it... Thank you!