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    Why are some images showing as a grey box in a pdf when produced from INDesign?


      I'm trying to create a pdf document (the end result will be a printed advert) and when i use certain images the pdf shows them as a grey box with 2 lines going from corner to corner of the image. The images look fine in INDesign and other Windows applications, and when I switch out the new image for an old one I've used before the pdf includes the images as normal.


      Because of this I think the issue may be something to do with the image properties.  Looking at the details there are 2 things that appear different between the new ones and the old ones that have worked before. Firstly, the dpi on the new image is a lot greater (51,711 x 51,711 - can that be right?) than any of the ones I've used before. Secondly, the image properties say the new ones were produced using Photoshop, which I don’t have. 

      Could either of these be the cause of the problem?


      I'm using INDesign CS6 and Adobe Acrobat XI Standard if that helps.


      Many thanks!