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    Formatting HTML Text in Text component

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to render some Html text in a text component, I'm getting the HTML from within an xml document as such:

      <xml><htext><p><b>Testing HTML Text</b></p><p>Here's another line.</p></htext></xml>

      If I put that into a Text component with the htmlText=htext property, the line spacing is as expected, but it seems to add in a blank space character for every character of the html code. (E.g. "<b>Testing" adds 3 extra spaces before the word "Testing").

      Renders like (using - as space character):

      --- Testing HTML Text

      -Here's another line.

      If I use the condeseWhite=true property on the Text component, it fixes the extra space characters issue, but then stuffs the line spacing up, so <p> becomes rendered like a <br>.

      Renders like:

      Testing HTML Text
      Here's another line.

      Any thoughts, or help is much appreciated, thanks in advance.

      P.S I was trying to avoid the obvious "br" tag which will make it work and render correctly....

      <p><b>Testing HTML Text</b></p> <br/><p>Here's another line.</p>