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    Presenter 10 not working with Windows 10


      After two, very long, and fortunately pleasant experiences with two very competent support technicians at phone support (Case #0187014288), there still is no resolution to the problems that characterize Presenter 10. I asked my university to purchase a copy so that I could produce video lectures with power point presentations.  As it turns out, Presenter 10 is not fully functional with Windows 10.  While its' "Video Express" does function, Video Express does not fulfil the promise of "Convert PowerPoint presentations into interactive videos."  Video Express is essentially less capable than Camtasia, video recording software for which my University already has a site license.  Had Adobe's promotional literature explicitly stated "Windows 10 is not compatible," which is the fair and accurate thing to do, I could have saved my University some money, and save myself many frustrating hours trying to make "Presenter" to work as promised.