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    Dynamic Link Manager crashes on file import on Mac


      Every time I try to import a file, the dynamic link manager crashes. Using the cmd+option+shift key to reset Lightroom sometimes fixes it and sometimes not. I also made sure I listed myself as read/write in the preferences panel. 


      I bought the CC Lightroom CD and it was buggy, so an Adobe Tech Support person moved me to Creative Cloud and I have the latest version of Lightroom. The Mac is a late 2013 Mac Pro, OS 10.10.5, 32 GB of Ram. So I can't import any photos to Lightroom.


      There is one thread in this forum with the same issue, but it has not been addressed by Adobe.


      The SECOND (and less important) question is can I re-download the CC version of Lightroom given that I actually bought the CD and am registered as a CD version owner and not CC owner?

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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Pobert58,


          Please follow the below mentioned steps in order to give read and write permission to the Adobe folder :

          • Go to your Finder > Click on Go > Click on Go to Folder
          • Type ~/Library
          • Under Library > click on Application Support
          • Give Permission to Adobe Folder


          For reference please check the below image:



          Then try to import a file in Lightroom.


          2) If you have a CD, that means you have Lightroom 6 not CC.

          You can either install it via CD or from the below link:

          Download Photoshop Lightroom


          Please let us know if it helps.




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            Pobert58 Level 1

            Dear Sarika,


            Thank you for taking the time to reply and helping me with the problem! The fixes you suggested worked for a while but the problem is back. Thanks also for the link to the downloadable version of LR 6. Yes, I bought the disk when LR 6 first came out, but it was buggy and Adobe Tech Support gave up trying to make it run on my machine. Their solution was to move me to CC, but that does not seem to be the answer either. So I am downloading LR 6 now from the link you provided, and hopefully this version is beyond 6.0 that came with my CD. Thank you again for the help!